Monday, August 2, 2010

Beautiful, beautiful

this morning we took him to the airport-another trip, another week of travel; he drove there, actually, and we switched after kisses and hugs and swift prayer pleasestaysafe,comebackquickly and i buckle back in, towards home.

i notice immediately the seat is in the wrong place, shift it upright, notice side mirrors are now off. i'm almost home when i realize that i kept straining my neck to see out of the rearview mirror. a simple, effortless adjustment and the reality of how just the right shift in a mirror affects the drive.

if i'd let Him shift my reflection so easily.

christian radio serenades us, and i happily hear two favorites, back-to-back. we played beautiful one at our wedding, as covenant reminder of a Savior that woos his Bride. i sang loudly to the Beautiful one who has captured my heart. next up we heard my newest favorite song, beautiful beautiful; the lyrics hold me tightly the entire song.

i've been there: the darkness interrupted with brightest light. it adjusts my vision, my reflection.

lately i've been all over the board with my emotions-felt lost, scared, angry red, broken, disappointed, but learning peace, grace, learning to see through a proper lens, too. it is a good and necessary reminder that He is perfect, and He breaks me more Beautiful than i've ever been.

so today, with mirror adjusted rightly, i join over at ann's gratitude community and i continue to count the gifts.

84. the Beautiful One who loves me and breathes life and grace
85. being reminded that i, too, am beautiful, in song
86. and from elizabeth
87. for little boy in backseat sing-screaming the lyrics to beautiful, beautiful, that he, too may know how gorgeous he is!
88. for songs that make me ache for sister-time
89. for husband who allowed me time away from home
90. and time to work in home
91. and who travels long, works long to love us in action
92. for friends who lift up and encourage
93. and puppy silliness to show God's humor!
94. for contentment in marriage
95. and friend who just got married
96. for crepe myrtle--the only flashes of color surviving texas heat right now
97. for warm, home-baked loaves
98. and for 3 lbs lost towards my goal!
99. for a counselor who has helped me start to love myself
100. for Grace

holy experience


SuzyQ said...

"Beautiful, Beautiful" list!
"He is perfect, and He breaks me more Beautiful than i've ever been."
I pray too :)

Brownie said...

Woohoo!!! 3 pounds so quickly is awesome!

Elisabeth LaMouria said...

Yes, I echo that too - beautiful list. Also, thank you for the words on my blog. It's amazing to know so many people go through tough times too - no one is alone. So many strong women who we think "have it all together", but it's really God holding us...our broken pieces that He mends and heals...we will be perfect one day. I await for then.
God bless!
-The Lean Green Mommy Machine said...

Time away is a great thing, isn't it? (Even though we may spend our time away wondering what's going on at home - lol)


jeana said...

puppy silliness certainly does reveal God's humor! i need to remember that when mine are being silly..which is always. =]

Anonymous said...

I am blessed with the gratitude I sense in your heart through your words.
We begin with small steps with the Lord. He will never leave us. Walking with Him is the joy of my heart no matter what the circumstances may be.
Each moment, I learn just who God created me to be; beauty is a part of my learning curve too (as probably is for most of us).
I, too, live in Texas ... Portland (across the bay from Corpus Christi). Oh so HOT! oh so HUMID! :) or maybe : /
May your day be blessed and you be a blessing, ~ linda

Jodi said...

"Breaks me beautiful" Awesome! I answered your question over at my blog. I went gaga over the red circle saws, too!

GlowinGirl said...

Beautiful is the appropriate word. Sometimes it takes such a minor shift in our perspective to see clearly, yet we don't even realize it until something pains us.

He is beautiful and makes us like Him. May your day be as lovely as your list, Beautiful You.

Stephanie said...

Oh, I love Beautiful, Beautiful! I heard it on the same day I found the scripture about worshiping from the beauty of holiness, which came that day after admitting the truth about my ugly fury and refusing to blame every stinkin' thing on my poor husband, which is my wont to do. I turned back to him after being washed clean, and Husband was beautiful again. It was like magic. I blogged about it: The God With the Magic Wand.

Thank you, Misty, for your blog and your sweet comment. I love reading here.

amy said...

Oh I love that song...
and i am so blessed by your openness, your transparency here...
i am right there with you.

Manda said...

I love those songs too.... and your list of blessings!
Seeing the beauty in life is a gift in and of itself!

Myrtle's Turtles said...

Misty, thanks for reminding me to appreciate the singing from our children. Great list.