Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An ode to motherhood


no one tells you how mothering splays your insides open,
like that frog in 6th grade science, stretched and pinned,
girls ewwing and boys high-fiving.
no one shares how inside you're all knotted up,
wondering when you will be normal again,
when you'll wake up and the dream is a happy one.
sure, they tell you "children are your heart walking around on the outside"
but you didn't think they actually meant it.
and they are.
you can peel back the looking at him as if he's an alien
and underneath you find all your childhood insecurity.
or, you see yourself as you want to be seen,
those mommy comparisons starving you to death.
you see how vulnerable you both are and how strong you both will be
always the conditional
til one day, you hit a stride you never saw coming and
you think to yourself
i love this gig, screeching mike, poor acoustics, tough audience and all

this is a slightly edited repost from my create tab (which i'm now actually working on removing after incorporating them into posts because i don't like the way they're all tucked away in the raw like that!). please join us over at suzannah's!

so much shouting, so much laughter


Shauna said...

I love this and all the raw truths it contains. Somehow, becoming a mother has forced me to face many issues that I had previously tried so hard to hide, I think partly because I don't want to pass them on. So I am trying to bullet-proof my girls? Maybe so. What a strange and beautiful journey it is turning out to be though. You phrased it so beautifully and exactly. Well written, friend!

suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter} said...

this is amazing! you should link this to emily's imperfect prose, too.

LOVE the end: "i love this gig, screeching mike, poor acoustics, tough audience and all" love love love

deb said...


amy said...

so beautiful misty. so true. thank you for sharing these words, this gracious writing.

emily wierenga said...

this is utterly beautiful. i hope you'll link it to imperfect prose this week (i'm hoping to have a chance to host it... if i'm back in time)... thank you so much for your comforting words, misty. love to you.

Bethany Ann said...

this is just it.