Who I am

i'm misty. {nice to meet you!}

i'd invite you for coffee as all the cool bloggers seem to do, but i sort of lost my taste for it. i still love coffee shops, though; they're the perfect place to linger and connect and be friends. so maybe i'll offer that cup after all!
here's where you learn a few random things about me:

i'm a triplet. yeah, it's pretty cool.
i'm a sexual abuse survivor.
i'm a grammar nerd but math dunce.
i'm a dog person, but have 3 kittens on my lap right now, and i think this is pretty close to heaven.
i don't believe in coincidence, and i think the color of the sky is a miracle.
i pretend that i'm a nature lover and farm-girl, but i really hate bugs and i don't like to be sweaty.
i'm trying to learn to love running again, but that's not coming so naturally either.
i love Jesus. in a big kind of way.
i'm still trying to figure out what He wants me to do.

why un vase fragile?
this answers how i learned the phrase, but it's also because i'm a jar of clay. and i need pouring into and out of in a mighty kind of way.
for more of how He is working in me, check out my Story.
if there's one thing i love more than story, it's journey. so i pray you walk a step or two with me. thanks for coming by!