Saturday, August 14, 2010


thank you, friends, for all the encouragement you sent me this past week. i was so tired and so drained from the mental challenges of journeying towards reconciliation with my mom and being caught up in family dynamics. but then i remember A) no family is perfect and B) even "normal" families have these kinds of issues from time to time.

this week i needed a break from my computer, although it was forced on me, as my pc isn't working! but i've taken the time to just dwell and be in the moment, and only good things ever come of that.

so tomorrow i turn thirty (or "thurdy" as my fellow southerners say), and i'm happy. i have an amazing husband and 3 gorgeous little boys, and i will be with my sister who loves me more than life. i am blessed.


HisFireFly said...

Blessings on your 30th.. and for all the years to come!

amy said...

Oh misty, have a wonderful, amazingly happy birthday.

Jodi said...

Happy birthday, dear Misty. God bless xo

Georgia Peach said...

Happy Birthday my friend-from-a-distance. Thirties are even richer than twenties...and I should know, I arrived here quite a while ago.

Georgia Peach