Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On being torn by beauty and some links

it sounds pretty poetic, "i ache at such beauty." "it hurts to look at it." "it makes me melancholy, but in a good way." but the truth is, beauty hurts sometimes. ask any artist. ask me.
truth is beautiful.
grace is impossible.
these are the things that gut us, through and through.

i see beautiful blogs with words i wish i'd said and photos i wish i'd taken, or moments captured that sometimes i wish were mine, and beauty cuts deeply: am i worth that kind of love?

nails pushed deep into hewn wood and hands-an uglier sacrifice or a more mysteriously beautiful one can't be found. a crown on a king in a land that wouldn't have him, or hearts that refuse still-love that blinds with in-your-face-beauty.

many things have made me pause and think this week.
choosing to believe he wants to look at me like this.
praising him - i am a newish follower of megan, but her gorgeous photos and heart spread vulnerable and the praise in this post had me quiet and full.
counting the fish - ann's words always linger and uplift, but this post has me haunted.

you, my friend, are beautiful.


misti said...

I'm with you on the beauty is pain thought. And I LOVE the counting the fish post. Thanks for sharing that link!

A Diamond in the Rough said...

The "counting fish" post was fantastic. Did you read the post a couple days before "when you wonder if what you create is any good?" that post is still breaking my heart. Thanks for the links.

Anonymous said...

I <3 this post. But I <3 you even more!