Tuesday, June 22, 2010

philadelphia story, sort of

my sweet and lovely friend suzannah is hosting a new carnival that i just am too excited to participate in. it's called shoutlaughlove and is a place to share the things that inspire us in our life journeys.
i cherish the many faces of love. i love my husband's embrace and his steady hands and his tireless heart. i love my sisters' infinite acceptance. i love my sons' grubby hands that offer simple gifts and the mystery in which they still view the world and inspire me. i also love the phileo that i share with one of my closest friends, and i cannot imagine journeying without her. despite many miles separating us, i feel closer to her now than ever. she knows most of my faults and she has never once turned me away. she knows what makes me tick, and she encourages me when i'm out of sorts, she makes me laugh, and she inspires me with her creativity and her desire to not just order a house and raise girls, but to make a home and shepherd her children's hearts. we share our weight-loss struggles endeavors, our parenting ups and downs, and our faithwalks. i love her and i pray everyone has a friend as precious and necessary in their lives as she is to me.
to read what inspires others, check out suzannah's shoutlaughlove and join the community!

so much shouting, so much laughter


emily wierenga said...

what a beautiful idea! i will check it out. bless you.

misti said...

I love this! Just might have to participate... :)

Brownie said...

I heart you!

Penny said...


pinkdaisyjane said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!

I too have a friend that loves me beautifully and unconditionally even from 900+ miles. What a blessing to have a friendship that shows the heart of God!


misti said...

What am I reading? Haha! Here goes:

Right now I am in the middle of Eat, Pray, Love. Really liking it! I just finished The Help, and it was fabulous, one of my favorites of the year. You're a southerner, ya gotta read it! You'll love it.

I re-read "Catcher in the Rye" a couple of weeks ago, and laughed and cried as always. Holden Caulfield breaks my everlovin' heart. On my near future to-read list: Empire Falls, Anna Karenina, some Flannery O'Connor and some P.G. Wodehouse, God love him.

suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter said...

i had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with my best friend from kindergarten and her parents as they were passing through. they brought a teepee tent for dylan, and as they put it up, it was crazy to think back to mariah and me at 5 years old, playing in hers:)

those friendships that last forever and endures miles and years are such a blessing!

greatbrainidea said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I've just spent the last 20 minutes dipping, diving and twirling through yours. Absolutely wonderful eye, Misty. I am yoked to say the least.
All thru Him - Cin