Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Towards a spring theology

she played hooky from work yesterday and we talked long and fast, our nature. she wanted to call just to say the bluebonnets are there. i've written of them before, how they helped this lonely soul see Him again. spring always refreshes, and i adore memphis in spring (which is why i missed it so hard!). bradford pears have changed lacy shawl to summer-green and japanese magnolias have dropped their magenta petals. in their wake, the remaining cherries, the dogwoods of easter promises, redbuds, and wisteria so haunting to make me weep. these are gifts i unwrap every errand, every excuse to drive, and i feel that winter thaw again.
we played hooky from bible study this morning, she needing work done, and i just eager to go over later and play. lunches packed and chocolate delivered, and we talk and love each other with skin on, and i think, "home: friends. true spring. my boys singing walkin' to memphis [sic]."
i received excellent news yesterday that has assuaged so many fears and relieved some pressure; good medical reports often do. this wee one inside--so heavy and low!--seems protected from the diabetic complications i had with my last pregnancy. i am still on the diabetic side, but so close as to be borderline. unfortunately, my current OB is still pushing for many extra measures, but i feel confident to deny them safely. it is yet another blessing, this prayer being answered so mightily.

i hate that it's so easy to trust and enjoy when the winds are calm instead of storming. spring is both, though, eh? all this new green and pale palette and then the rains that chase the petals from stems. all this creation sprung from the same hand: my sister and i tightly joined in womb to love across all this distance just to share a flower; the beauty that revives me every spring; the visible answer to prayer to mark His hand this day, and even the storm that raged internal last week and that rained out his soccer game on sunday.

Thank You, Lord, for this hands-on love, this spring of rains and the Eternal water of life.
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suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter} said...

misty, this is so well written, and my heart resonates much. we are just getting glimpse of spring up north, and it all points to resurrection and i rejoice.

so thankful to hear that you and the baby are well! what a relief:) glad you're reveling in lovely sister time, too.

Wandering On Purpose said...

You have such a beautiful way of describing things. I will continue to pray for the health of you and the wee one, as well as provision for you.

Leslie said...

"i hate that it's so easy to trust and enjoy when the winds are calm instead of storming."

I often think this, too. But He understands, I think. He made us, and he knows that the mind and spirit often follow when the body is threatened or weak. And hopefully, we grow a tiny tiny bit deeper in faith with each storm...

You make me wish for the sights, sounds and smells of an Appalachian spring...

and as you know, I'm so very very very super glad for His mercies upon you and your babe!!!!!

Sarah said...

So glad the babe is well! What a huge blessing and a gift. Sometimes I think that life wouldn't be worth much without spring.

Jodi said...

It's not spring here yet, in fact we're expecting snow again :(. That's okay though I can smell Spring in your words.

deb colarossi said...

I so love your writing.
It's snowing here yet again.. but
always the hope