Monday, April 12, 2010

Winters and Wildflowers

spring is official in Texas; the bluebonnets nod their cerulean hellos along roadsides and under happy feet.
this season, our 2nd living here, i am full of verdant hope. last spring i mourned. we were still strangers and i missed the green of home, and the petaling laughter of friends. that first winter was colder than loneliness and soul darkened cloudy and tearful. then, a ray of hope: flowers in march. the royal purple-blue of the texas bluebonnets merrily lead the procession for goldenrod, primroses (my favorite), and other wild groundcover i cannot name yet long to remember well into scorched, lingering days.
last year my heart was winter, and He gave me wildflowers to thaw.
this spring, He gives again.
i take.
i sip.
i rejoice for the day is made, and glad.