Tuesday, April 13, 2010

in which i attempt a sonnet

as part of (in)courage's april creativity challenge, i am attempting a sonnet. let me first assert my undying love of poetry-it was my first foray into the written word. i wish i had my early poems, but i know, too, i'd cringe embarrassment. let me also state that i do not revel in the purist forms and rhyme schemes, so it really is a stretch to squeeze into a proper sonnet, whalebone corset strings digging deep. i'm not even sure i did anything other than an ababccdee rhyme scheme, but here goes. (oh, you'll also notice its relevancy to my last post. spring is a big deal around here. i'm pretty sure my husband waits with baited breath for my first flower sighting.)

a million shades of green, all new and bright
thawing winter's fast hold on this hard heart
emerald palette dances with delight
Creator speaks spring-story into art.

japanese cherry* gives earliest rise
dogwood, forsythia, wildflower spread-
all speak Truth into doubting winter lies
testify triumph, the Savior, not dead!

new birth, new light, new song: hope glimmers free
fresh air breathes redemption glory won
hardest of hearts, mine, forgive me i plea.
life Everlasting, he lives. it is Done.

a winter heart unwilling with belief
springtime grace, my sin, unworthy, relief.

(* umm, i can't believe no one corrected me yet. the original poem said japanese maple, and only today did i realize i meant to write japanese CHERRY. they are the first trees to bloom pink here in TX and i need them.)


Laura said...


I especially like the couplet -- how nice that belief and relief rhyme!

The first four lines paint a beautiful picture -- I just LOVE "Creator speaks spring-story into art"

Thank you for sharing!!

Paula Jean said...

Very nice! I'm going to give it a try, too... I hope to do half as well as you. For the moment, I'm just enjoying your efforts. :)

Anonymous said...

Great job! I must admit that I love sonnets, whalebone and all. ;) I need some structure in my life or I get all flabby. But seriously, this is so picturesque and full of beautiful imagery. Love it. :)

Donna said...

This sonnet is a mirror for my heart! Thank you for sharing your gift of writing.

Rachel Clark said...

great job! your sonnet speaks volumes!

altar ego said...

Beautiful! You evoke spring magnificently.

Sandy said...

Beautiful. I love the line "Creator speaks spring - story into art"

Pamela said...

I would have jumped up and down and screamed CHERRY CHERRY CHERRY had I gotten here first (:

I love the cherry blossoms here -- in fact last year I think I posted a photo and called it cherry blossom blizzard.... as the wind was blowing them around like a snow storm.

Lovely Sonnet. I jumped in rather late. But better than never.