Monday, April 19, 2010

worship the lamb

you know how you think of something fondly (such as chocolate you've told yourself you can't eat, for example), and then you have it, and it's just not as good as you remembered? or you read a book for the 2nd time and you're underlining whole passages where before you could recall nothing? well, i ate several (ahem) snickers minis tonight and was duly unimpressed. that is incredible news for my diet. and i'm reading a book i've attempted three times previously, and yet, here i am, chewing on good, deep thoughts, and that is Good News indeed.

i am reading ted tripp's estimable shepherding a child's heart, and while there have been several nuggets, here is one thought in particular that has struck me quite profoundly: "part of the parent's task is to shepherd him as a creature who worships, pointing him to the One who alone is worthy of his worship. the question is not 'will he worship?' it is always 'whom will he worship?'"

we all worship. we worship our time, our schedules, our statuses (or updates), ourselves... when we ought to be worshipping the one who made time and made us to be like him. amazing. and all that i see as rebellion and defiance in my little boys is a chance to point them to the One who redeems. who loves. who graces. teach them to worship Him. oh, for hands that can steer quietly and humbly and feet that can walk miles and miles in grace's shoe. most importantly a voice who whispers in awe, sings in mighty praise, shouts in adoration, and breathes exhortation.

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Nicky said...

Hiya, thanks for sharing, it looks as if I'll have to bring this book on holiday! Have a blessed week.