Friday, March 25, 2011

All the small things

271-282 counting towards 1000....
my favorite playlist on repeat.
hot, fresh pretzels from the oven (it's true; you must eat one straight away. i don't know what these taste like cooled because we've yet to have any last that long).
coral and gold-tipped tulips still closed but promising to open soon; a friend's perfect gesture to send me into the weekend after a horribly stressful week.
husband home on a friday afternoon, in the other room, but close enough to call out, to reach.
an almost-two-year-old finally weaned from his bottles, and now napping as if he were still an infant and full of mama's milk.
a novel half-read, better than the movie, as they always are.
miami vice on my toenails, an unexpectedly bright and feminine pink instead of my usual.
the last load into the washer from all the laundry accumulated since we moved (we even brought some dirty with us) and didn't have appliances at home. a friend gave us her older set and slowly, and now surely, i've gotten all caught up: linens, towels, clothes.
fresh strawberries and nutella for dipping.
asparagus fresh and slim and perfect eaten just slightly sauteed in butter and a sprinkle of salt.
a check so late in coming (in our time anyway!) but blessing us this week perfectly, an the ability to begin paying people back.

these are the tiny graces i'm so thankful for. i'm so glad that we serve One who can both carry he universe and live in my heart. counting with ann and others to mark His hand in our lives.


Jodi said...

It's the tiny graces that seem to always carry us through the big things, isn't it. Have a wonderful, stress-free week. xo

Leslie said...

may you continue to know this grace and provision in the everyday...

Rachel said...

Soft Pretzels hot from the oven are one of my favorites as well. Novels are always better than the movie and I like reading better than watching because I skim through the book when suspense gets too much. Just to kind of find out what happens. I like reading around the edges, then I go back to the place I was in the book even more curious to what is really going to happen.;-) Have a blessed week.

Nancy said...

Always eat the pretzels hot from the oven! And, any chance you could post a picture of those toenails?

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I don't know which is the better one --- the last load in the washer or the hot, fresh pretzels!!!! I think I'll take the pretzels, but believe me, nothing better than wash DONE! So glad you are all moved and IN. Lot of work, isn't it? So glad I stopped by today. It was good to be here!