Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some hope, restored

i think a broken hallelujah is the only kind there is:
the one of splintered hearts
shy good-byes, and journeys
starting with a single step,
slouching towards bethlehem, as she says.
but it's true.
we can slouch. that's all,
and wait at broken earth, under cross's shadow


whisper, "today i am broken.
tomorrow, will you break me
lips dry and cracked under desert sun
throat or soul more parched than last


all that's left is a poet without words
a singer without melody
a craftsman without his tools
all, breaking hallelujah in bread
and wine
and self

i wrote this poem a couple of weeks ago, but after the hopelessness i felt yesterday, it felt very appropriate to link up to emily's imperfect prose. i'm imperfect indeed, but that's where His beauty fills and makes whole.


Carrie Burtt said...

Misty this is perfect prose and poetry to my ears...indeed His beauty fills and makes whole...truly inspiring! :-)

Leslie said...

Weeping, weeping. Thank you, Misty.

"i think a broken hallelujah is the only kind there is"

"and whisper, "today i am broken.
tomorrow, will you break me

I feel just this way, this week. Exactly. "carrying about in my body the death of Jesus, so that His life can be revealed." And I wonder sometimes,"is it?" How it hurts. How your words bring hope from the hurt.

"i think a broken hallelujah is the only kind there is"

Sarah said...

This has been a broken week for me, and your words hit home, burrowing into my soul to remind me of hope, hope in broken shards. Thank you.

Kati patrianoceu said...

I love that - a broken hallelujah is the only kind there is! So absolutely utterly true. Thanks for those words.

Wandering On Purpose said...

powerful - your first line and your last three speak loudly, yet compassionately to me

Nancy said...

I love when your broken hallelujahs wander over to my page and your pour words of love there. Blessings in the healing, friend.

Stephanie said...

Misty, thank you. Your writing is so beautiful, so real. I appreciate your authenticity.

It was good to hear from you. You blessed me today. I smiled.

Amy in Peru said...

I very much love these words...

thank you.

amy in peru

suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter} said...

lifting up prayer for you, sister friend.

it's a rough week here, too. we should talk and lightened loads!

grace and peace

(also, this poem is gorgeous and true and so lovely.)

emily wierenga said...

misty, how he writes through you...

in your brokenness, in your tears, he


i am thankful for you.

know this. xo

Kari said...

Beautiful poem.

amy said...

i have no words my friend to do this justice... it is just... beautiful, absolute beauty

Ostriches Look Funny said...

Yes. this is true. Broken is beautiful. Broken is best.

deb said...

your words are incredibly deeply moving.

there is beauty in the broken ... there is.

Linda said...

I can hear your heart through your words, and it is so true and beautiful. He doesn't break us with no purpose in mind - a purpose filled with wisdom and love. I pray that He will fill your heart with hope Misty and the assurance of His unfathomable love.