Thursday, January 20, 2011


"no white, please. i'm far too pale."

she unwraps cello jackets, revealing gems below: champagne, ivory, two-toned, pink.
i evn find a white one i love in a classic misty move. i rebel even against myself sometimes.
one last glance at the crammed rack, and i see a glimpse of an impossible color peeking out. "oh," i breathe. yes. oyster. this would suit you rather well, i think.

i bought my dress 7 months before he asked.
the answer was always yes.

i never considerd being a january bride--we all probably assumed i'd be a barefoot bohemian, and inside i definitely am.

he says i didn't even kiss him with you may now--lips barely brushed his, he insists. i wish i could smother him in a million kisses and start again tomorrow.
i'm terrified of dancing, but we danced anyway, and these hips have since swayed in endless labor and the rocking of babes to sleep. the dancing of a mother is just the fuller dance of newbride.
tears clouded vision with that first Mr&Mrs; now i wear Mrs unblushingly and well. it suits me, too.

my oyster gown hangs on his side of the closet. it's not even protected. i leave it as it is. that indescribable pearly color whispers to me when i hang up clothes, reminding the housewife of the bride she'll always be.

happy anniversary, beloved.

(this is a day early-we celebrate union tomorrow, but i'll be away from my computer for large parts these next few days, so linking with emily and others for imperfect prose)


amy said...

yes. beautiful. have a wonderful anniversary my friend.

David N. said...

Ours was two weeks ago. Go January anniversaries!

Leslie said...

i was a january bride, too... 28 years this sunday. blessings to you and your love as you celebrate.

Brian Miller said...

aww...happy anniversary!

Nancy said... know how I feel about you January brides! Happy Anniversary, nonetheless, dear friend. And, yes, I'm sure your dragon-skin post influenced my thinking yesterday (though I think it is a perfect imagery for how teen boys become young men--not a pretty process!) Much grace and joy to you and beloved in the year ahead.

Bev said...

such lovely words, and happy anniversary to you both...

Lisa notes... said...

Oh, this is so touching. Love your choices of words. Have a great anniversary!

Loni said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Such beautiful memories . . . and love it that your gown hangs out, unprotected, but protects your memories and your commitment.

Jodi said...

I bet you looked gorgeous in that oyster dress. Happy anniversary, dear heart, and here's to many more.

Jodi said...

And I meant to say, you're invited to tea anytime.

alittlebitograce said...

i bought my dress 7 months before he asked.

i love this! happy anniversary!

now was this a case of you were moving towards marriage or did you know before he did that you would be married? on our very first (non) date, my now-husband went over all the reasons(they were good ones too) why a relationship wouldn't work. i came home sure in the knowledge that i was going to marry him. :) he figured it out a couple months later when we became inseperable friends.

emily wierenga said...

i wish i could smother him in a million kisses and start again tomorrow.

oh misty this was stunning. absolutely gorgeous. love the way you structured the whole thing, too, around the oyster dress. a very moving piece. happy anniversary friend!

Bethany Ann said...

"the dancing of a mother is just the fuller dance of newbride." ... "reminding the housewife of the bride she'll always be." ooh!

deb said...

this was breathtaking.
Happy Anniversary

Wandering On Purpose said...

This is beautiful. Happy anniversary! I also have a January anniversary and bought my dress before he asked. :)