Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pause and privilege

(a repost from the archives. thanks to those who've written to me and prayed for me; i have lots to share when next we get a free moment!)

i pause, "consider all the world thy hands have made."
i, just dust, can star-gaze and sea-wonder,
revel in my own ordinary and know that
i was made for this--
beyond this--
of this.
moments to breathe in, savor, hold in, exhale.
i, muddy soul, love-struck and faith-child,
swallow daily pride and try to remember
i was made for Him:
his pleasure,
his worship.
giving thanks in all things, i drink full moments of
stop-don't move-remember this scene
remember in stones and banners
how He paved the way,
i, ragamuffin beggar
wearing white linen Privilege.

grace to you today.


Leslie said...

And to you, dear Misty.

Wandering On Purpose said...

This is moving... especially the last four lines.