Friday, November 12, 2010

Hallelujah and living love

first, i should probably warn anyone reading this blog that i'm already in the "christmas spirit." i am anxiously awaiting socially acceptable christmas songs on the radio. one of the things i've always appreciated about my favorite christmas hymns (and this probably started with my first viewing of "hark, the herald angels sing" on it's a wonderful life) is the reverence and awe of the coming savior. this is still true, and i get lumpy-throat even now at "o, holy night," "silent night," and the haunting "we three kings."
so, when a friend posted this lovely video (i'm also a huge fan of the improv "freezes" and breaking out into dance or song videos on youtube) on facebook, i was teary and proud and amazed, but also hesitant. i wish that our lives (and by our, i suppose i should mean my own) were so attractive and amazing and inviting that we were truly living testaments to our savior, pointing the way and drawing in. breaking out in glorious song is beautiful and inspiring, but i think loving the unlovely is even more beautiful and holy.
none of this is to be preachy, because goodness knows i need the message as much as or more than most. i think my heart breaks sometimes because all i can see is the inside of my house and my duties there. i read an article i refuse to repost here where a mom compares motherhood to being a prison, but one thing she said was that perhaps the "fad" of attachment parenting lifestyles kept parents (mothers in particular) so locked into their kids' lives that they couldn't see the scope of the larger world around them. there is so much wrong with that statement, and yet a teensy part of me sometimes feels just like that. like i can't see the hurting world around me. so my prayer today and this season (almost christmas!) is to simply see--see the hurting, to try to love in as practical way as i can, those around me. and if i sing a christmas song while i'm at it, i hope it's just the icing on the cake and not the main course.


Nancy said...

My friend,
I listen to Christmas music ALL YEAR LONG, because heavens knows, I am always in need of tidings of comfort and joy.


I didn't click on the link, but I assume it's the Hallelujah Chorus video? I posted it on my Facebook with these words--If my people keep silent, even the rocks will cry out. So, on days when I am having a hard time lifting my head to sing praise, I know the King of Kings and Lord of Lord can coax it out of me (or He'll coax the rocks to sing if I'm being really stubborn).

Leslie said...

I love Christmas hymns and carols, too. I'll never forget the way songs I'd sung all my life suddenly took on new meaning once I understood and accepted the message and person of Christ.

As for you not seeing the hurting world around you, I would disagree. You have been a vital force of compassion and understanding in my life. You have seen my pain and reached out with love. I know you must do this with others here in this little corner of cyberspace. And when you ARE home with kids and unable to get out much, this strange and wondrous community offers opportunities to see and reach out. I should know. I don't get out much, myself.

Your world might seem small sometimes, but always remember that you are living the biggest adventure of your life. Investing in your children is the most creative, challenging, and meaningful thing you will ever do for God.

misti said...

Oh, my friend. I am SO in the spirit with you!

deb said...

I'll click on the link..

but I read the article , Erica J's ?

I actually was quite struck by how she included so many different things and tried to roll them into one rant. Cloth diapers are about caring for the greater earth and community for one , geez, let alone all the other stuff.

I do not consider being home with my children like being in prison.

Leslie said...

thinking of you today... sending you love. you are beautiful...