Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Giving back the leaves

we talked of aloneness, of our tendency to hide simply because sin exists. it ruptures us, and we hide...hide behind self-sewn leaves and fear, and our God whispers, "where are you?" he knows, but he asks us to admit we're hiding. asks us to deal with our sin. asks us to give back the leaves we hide beneath.
so today, Lord,
i dance naked and crazy like david,
i hold my hands to my breasts
not in scrutiny
but in humility,
and tears flow freely
dancing down as well
and i ask you to lead me
with silver holiness;
we dance, God-Spirit and i,
and he whispers,
"my love, i know you.
know Me. "


Bev said...

such truth and beauty here...god wants nothing less from us...

misti said...

You need to write a book, friend :)

Jodi said...

This is gorgeous, Misty. Thank you for sharing your journey.

amy said...

oh i love this my friend. what a beautiful concept, giving back the leaves... wow.

emily wierenga said...

i feel free, having read this. utter beauty.

deb said...

so alive, and beautiful,

Bethany Ann said...

why do i always believe it will hurt to tear away those leaves? each one God has removed, He has turned to gold. thank you for this shocking, intimate, beautiful reminder.