Friday, September 10, 2010


i didn't know i was worth that to you
didn't know you'd lavish me and ravish me
and leave me wanting more
didn't know you were all i had
or all i ever wanted
and i clumsily ate leftovers
of another kind.
not knowing you were there
the whole time
i didn't understand
i was made for you
and that you loved me
with your life
by giving your life to me
and i lived my life for me
and ate those stale remnants
those vestiges of selfishness
and you were waiting
for me
arms wide open
a feast just for me
because it was all
part of the price
no one course deserved
i couldn't possibly save enough
do enough
or work hard enough
to earn your love
you grace me with it daily


Kim Hyland said...

"clumsily ate leftovers of another kind . . and ate those stale remnants those vestiges of selfishness" This part speaks to me. So thankful to know and to be reminded. Thank you, Misty

Bethany Ann said...

"didn't know you were all i ever wanted"... that's our mission while we're here, isn't it? to let Him be all, and to show others that He's all. thank you, sweet sister.

HisFireFly said...

Thank you for reminding me of just how extravagant His love is..

for you

for me

for each of us!

Wandering On Purpose said...

"and you were waiting"
Thank you for sharing all of these words.

Sarah said...

Yes. Just that, resounding in my heart when I read your words. Yes.

Hyacynth said...

I never knew either. It took a long time. A really long time.
I'm taking a Vantage Point3 class at our church, and I just read a thought from another brilliant wordsmith that was so like this. And it struck me. He compared us to swine who eat whatever is there not knowing there is a perfect feast, if only we could see it.
Beautiful words. Wonderfull crafted.

Jodi said...

Dear Misty, this poem, these words of love and adoration, is a feast.

Rachel said...

What wonderful grace, I think we will spend eternity finding more and more about the depths of His wonderful grace! Loved how you expressed it here!

deb said...

so so beautiful.