Monday, September 12, 2011

The beauty that surrounds

there is a beauty that surrounds me,
(even when i overlook it.)
there are some days i forget to walk outside,
so fail to see how green comes in ten shades, just on ivy road.
or, how smart and wily the backyard birds are,
arrogantly eating the dog's food,
fluttering away with a taunting second to spare.

we return to play, now that heat is not so oppressive.
maybe now that we have more work to do?
the boys are more outside than in,
though the flies are more inside than out;
we dizzy in the middle, hap'ly.

my house has probably never been messier,
but why clean up the forts
and sweep away the dragon's lairs?

owen grows fat on mama's milk;
i blossom in his honey smiles,
us: making liars of canaan's promise.

this home i make in beds unmade
and arms entwined (yes, love is made, too)
surrounds me in beauty
i often overlook, but can't wait to see


Leslie said...

i love that you took the time to record the beauty. it is an art to see it - and to write it artfully, but then you are a master craftsman.

miriam said...

I truly love your poetic prose, especially the ones that commemorate this mothering of little ones. Dragon's lairs...mama's milk, honey smiles, making liars of canaan's promise...this home i make in beds unmade and arms this verse. Beautiful.