Saturday, February 5, 2011

Here, and there

has your heart ever been in two places at once?
mine has, and is.
sorry for the continued quiet. i hope to be back soon, but we have had an interesting first week here in memphis, both with the expected bumps and bruises of unpacking and settling-in, as well as a pretty severe gallbladder attack for this tired mama.
resting up, or pretending to while i continue to get things calm here.

can't wait to be back and visiting you all and writing her to calm my heart/brain here as well!


Leslie said...

Oh no! : (

Praying you feel better very soon...

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Misty! I pray the process of moving starts to settle for you these next few days. Hang in there, for after moving several times there is one constant I've found:as they empty, filled moving boxes will overflow memories into your new place like love spilling out of your heart to warm up your new "home".
Anna-Marie (Bill Smith's Wife)

deb colarossi said...

Thinking of you and sending peace and strength !! Go easy on yourself.