Friday, July 30, 2010


in this safe place

of slightly overgrown lawn
with lots of dandelions to blow
and railroad ties to jump
and a driveway canvas
for pink chalk people
and a kiddie pool lying
deflated most of the time

this place is where little boys grow
where they dream up play
and make believe song
and write out sports
and drive away tensions
sing their love out loud

and where they hit and fight
and possess the other's tools
and bugs are swatted
or explored
(depending on the day)
and littlest tumbles as he toddles
and oldest rushes to get mama
and middle stays to hold him

this is the safe place i watch them
these three
who walk all over my heart some days
but are definitely
my heart walking around on feet
i watch from window glass and reflection
and i want them always
to have
green grass
and colored rainbow sidewalks
and tricycle love for life


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Jodi said...

I love this and your Mama's heart.