Monday, November 7, 2011

On limping and rubies

a date, of sorts. a cafe where we learned of food proclivities and evolving tastes. a car with no carseats and for a limited time, time to do anything. so, the mall for people-viewing and window-shopping. the irony? we both limped. her, because of surgery and a too-long year of not healing properly, and me because of my fall last week. yet the limping seemed physical only: we've limped long and hard on a road to recovery, but a banal trip to the mall was the most normal we've felt in a long time--truly a mother and a daughter grown and time just to enjoy each other's company.
as we meandered haphazardly (i inherited her aptitude for getting lost!), at some point, she lost her necklace. a faux ruby denoting not her birth month but rather an anniversary gift, its importance not in dollar worth but in sentimental value. we retraced some steps, but it was gone. i felt crushed for her, and yet she glanced upwards and said "thank you" in prayer, and shared. we could spend all our time retracing and bemoaning, or we could enjoy our present time and anticipation of tomorrows. she chose joy in losing a prized possession, able to see part of the bigger story.

joining in witness to the Good Father and giver of Good gifts

326. my torta de pollo and
327. authenticity not just in mexican food but in conversation and relationship
328. for the long journey, to treasure the stops along the way, the growth
329. for a saturday afternoon spent with my mom
330. for getting to be a daughter
331. for her losing her necklace, a teaching opportunity
332. and for the enjoying the gift of the present

and unrelated to this weekend, i also want to share an amazing working of the father in my family:
333. choosing to see, like she did, the opportunity to see with eternal eyes: our car got repossessed
334. but just a few days later, a friend of ours GAVE us her suburban.
335. we went from a car that didn't fit our whole family to a car without a car note that has a seat to spare
336. for my beautiful husband, and the chances to pray for him, and the heart i see in him and Him
337. did i mention we can now go to corporate church together again? :)
338. for a visit from a friend a few weeks ago. she was such an encouragement
339. and always, the GRACE that blows me away, that has brought me thus far


Christina said...

What an amazing testimony of His faithfulness! Thanks so much for sharing!

Leslie said...

thank you for sharing this glimpse of His reality in your life - this list of God in the everyday. the car, particularly, encourages me. it is the answer to one of my prayers for your family. i'm so glad.

Nancy said...

Wow! You and your mom have limped a long way, haven't you! And someone gave you a Suburban? How good is God, moving someone to do that! I know, because when the Swede and I were young and poor, someone gave us a car. What kind of people give away cars? Jesus-reflecting people, that's who!

Ostriches Look Funny said...

I think Grace is the secret to everything lately. I love that you shared this. I'm so happy for you and your suburban. God. Is. Good!

Bethany Ann said...


Bethany Ann said...

(sorry -- that was kinda' facebooky, wasn't it?)