Sunday, July 8, 2012

How longing is yellow

i never knew, til that day, reading her words.
just a blip, but it screamed in my ears.
no, it didn't. but it did make my stomach leap a little
like ridng a roller coaster and the unexpected
thrill of suddenly going down
(just kiddng. i hate that part. no thrill)
"but it's true,"
i thought.
that ache in the pit of my stomache:
the smear of crushed dandelions on my fingers,
the creamy tart of homemade lemon curd
(even w/ some of the eggwhites showing their slip
like how i never could seem to keep mine
from peeking out of easter hemlines).
or the catch in my throat when i hear that line from that song:
the limpid curls of cressida's crown,
the flickering spark of butane lighters,
(i miss that smell, a little- not a lot, just enough).
 all this yellow melancholy,
dropping like the petals
(he loves me falls with just as much oomph
as he loves me NOT--
i believe this now. i didn't then.)


Nancy Franson said...

What a cool post--I clicked over.

I know next-to-nothing about art, design, and color. But somehow I knew, when I set up my blog, and again when I moved sites, that it needed to have yellow in it.

Because it's the place where I do battle with crazy. And affirm my longing for more.

Nice to see your words again, my friend. Blessings to you.

Jodi said...

Gee wiz! You are good girl, good.

Deb Colarossi said...

Thank you Misty.
I have been in such a strange state of late. ( I'll email soon).
This was gift.