Sunday, July 24, 2011

Inhale their belonging

i sniff deeply behind his tiny ears and i inhale the scent of eight weeks:
johnson and johnson and milk that has dribbled and hair matted from deep baby sleep

my older boys smell of earth and sweat and summer-scraped knees
or, fresh from bath, like lavender whispers.

and his smell is my deep secret--my heaven on earth, for his is marked by
laundry detergent, deodorant, and the breath of kisses

i breathe these men in deeply, inhale their belonging

i hope i smell more than just unshowered and like last night's dinner;
i want tiny ones to sense in me a love that gazes long and prays hard
and i want my beloved to know my scent on the wind, home(where the heart is).


deb colarossi said...

so so beautiful , Misty.
Will be a weekend of creating home when my eldest daughter arrives later tonight for a brief visit before pretraining resumes. All of us together . All of us inhaling and exhaling.


Craig said...

Oh my gosh!! this was so beautiful, and eloquent, and delicate – and said so much in so few words – I get the love of the mama for her baby, and her boys, and her husband in a way I seldom have. It was written so much better than I could ever have. Thank you for this glimpse of love – it was poetic and lyrical and 96,000 shades full of awesome. God bless you Misty – this was a gift – thank you.