Wednesday, June 29, 2011


today is a day-
the last day-
i have four,
all stepped down
one from the other
by a single year.
this is the day so little
but the year in which
they were loved alive.
shea is oldest, still 4
his daddy-broad shoulders
carrying the weight of the world
of little brothers
and wearing his mama-freckles
brightly asking of the world
all whys.
connor is middlest, still 3
with blonde ragamuffin
(i love that grace the best)
and eyes blue as a promise
that impish will and
push back against the grain
the strain of nots.
and avery is today's child, 2
finally out of ones,
and he is all brawn and laughs
and head full of cherub curls
intensity's child, he.
and lastbutnotleast owen is still just one
month (ok, and a half)
and he is quieting extension
of mama, still breast-close in all wonder.
thank you, Father,
for sons a heritage and ours a full house.

happy birthday, beautiful avery!

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Brian Miller said...

smiles. congrats on a beautiful family...i have 2 boys of my own growing into men each day...

Alexis Hallum said...

What a beautiful life...
Happy Birthday Avery!!

Stacie said...

the images this brought to mind made me smile. thank you for that...

Kath said...

4 amazing gifts, that is beautiful.
Happy Birthday to A.

Leslie said...

happy birthday to your avery, and i hope you're saving these writings for your boys to treasure, someday!

Cindy said...

So precious - and what a wonderful tribute to family...thanks for sharing and letting us all in on your blessings!

Rambling Heather said...

Such sweet words! Happy Birthday to your little ones!

emily wierenga said...

oh misty i'm so glad you joined us... how i've missed you. what exquisite children you have... what a beautiful mother heart, you. xo

Merri said...